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I Met A Real Farmer!

Ever since I began my Plant Paradox journey I have been meaning to seek out a local farm to purchase chickens, pork and beef. I held off for a while because it was a daunting task and then I didn’t make plans to take… Continue Reading “I Met A Real Farmer!”

I’ve Got 9 Secrets

Since 2017 I have been on a health journey like nothing I have ever done or accomplished before. My dad always jokes that between my sister, my mom and myself we have lost and gained 2,000 lbs. over the years. At almost fifty-two years… Continue Reading “I’ve Got 9 Secrets”

How In the World Can One Become a Vegetarian?

How long is your list of health issues? I truly hope it is not as long as mine, but the sad truth is many of my friends and family members have a long list. I feel like I have been quite successful in improving my health and the health of many people. I have lost 55 lbs. and continue to maintain a good weight. Mind you, I travel a lot for my “day job”, so keeping it off is quite a challenge. I fluctuate about 5-7 lbs. I don’t like it, but I was content. Still I couldn’t help but think that I could do more. I didn’t try to seek out answers immediately. Ironically, I was making an attempt to convince my twenty-three year old son to change his “wicked ways” when I found the answer. Don’t get me wrong, it was all of my fault he was addicted to sugar and carbs, but at his age, kids know everything and look at their parents like they have three heads. LOL!

5 Ways to Change Your Lifestyle

There are so many ways to change your lifestyle. It all starts with Step 1. Let me help you count the ways.

How do I maintain weight loss?

There is no doubt going on a weight loss and essentially, a change of lifestyle is much easier if you’re doing with others. I was lucky enough to have my husband follow along and even my kids try some things every now and then.

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