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3 Tips for Restoring Your Gut Health

Restoring your gut health should always be top priority. Having indigestion problems might not just be from the foods you are eating, but from bacteria and microbiome issues in your gut, which affects your overall health. If you are struggling with weight gain, you have gut issues. If you are struggling with autoimmune issues, it’s rooted in your gut health. Here are some tips … Read More 3 Tips for Restoring Your Gut Health

I’ve Got 9 Secrets

Since 2017 I have been on a health journey like nothing I have ever done or accomplished before. My dad always jokes that between my sister, my mom and myself we have lost and gained 2,000 lbs. over the years. At almost fifty-two years old, I have finally figured out several things about losing weight. I will share my secrets in a series of … Read More I’ve Got 9 Secrets

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