I Met A Real Farmer!

Ever since I began my Plant Paradox journey I have been meaning to seek out a local farm to purchase chickens, pork and beef. I held off for a while because it was a daunting task and then I didn’t make plans to take the time to order. I am one of these types that thinks about meals on the fly. Also, my family has never been fond of frozen meats. Recently, I came across a farm on Instagram and their photos caught my attention and so did their story.

Instantly, I was awestruck by this family who decided to put down roots and raise their family on a farm. I know. I know! Many families do this across American and all over the world. However, I have something in common with this farmer; a Plant Paradox Lifestyle. She knows all about it. She gets it. She gets, me! Meet Karli from Heritage Hills Farmstead. She has taken her health and the health of her family into her own hands.

Life on a farm can’t be easy. She is definitely up with the chickens, however I can’t wait to spend part of the day with her and the family to see how they raise their animals and the operational side of the business. Meanwhile, I met Karli a few weeks ago and she set me up with their Freezer Box of all kinds of goodies.


Sounds confusing, I know. Basically, conventionally raised chickens, cows and pigs are fed corn, soy and host of other mush to fatten them up. This “vegetable” feed is laced with a chemical called Glyphosate (aka Round-up). Can you imagine pouring a bottle of round-up on your salad? Of course not, so the animals we eat, do not need to be eating it either. Karli and her husband do not feed their animals corn, soy or even shoot them up with antibiotics. They raise their animals to eat what nature intended them to eat. Check out their website to read more and read their FAQs. https://heritagehillsfarmstead.com/

Meanwhile, I had a ball creating all kinds of meals from my bountiful box from Karli!

Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs

Nothing better than having Fresh Pasture Raised Eggs in the house. Did you know they can be left out on the counter? These eggs are available for local deliveries near the farm so if you live near Birmingham, you’re in luck. Karli will deliver them to you at a designated drop off location.

Bone Broth

Bone broth adds a ton of Collagen to your body. We begin losing collagen starting at age twenty-five so replacing it is important. I wish I knew this 30 years ago! Now I try to add it to something everyday and using the Chicken Feet to make bone broth is perfect. I made a typical chicken soup recipe, then strained everything from it. I poured the broth into silicon ice trays so when I make a smoothie, I pop a couple of cubes out and put in into the blender with all the other ingredients.

Shredded Chicken

I cooked the Small whole chicken in the Instapot….first time for me. It came out so juicy and tender, I decided to shred it up and throw it into the pan with some Mexican spices to make Taco Tuesday a little different. I usually make tacos with ground beef, but everyone loved the chicken including the neighbor who ate dinner with us that night.

Pork Sausage

I never thought I would get excited about sausage. I have never been a fan, but Heritage Hills Farmstead has really made their sausage a great flavor. It got a big thumbs up from all the sausage lovers in my house. Great for breakfast and I can also see adding it to a breakfast casserole. I will work on recipe in the near future.

Grass Fed Grass Finished Beef

We don’t eat meat often, but when we do, I always like to eat steak from cows who have been fed grass their entire life. A cow’s stomach is not designed to digest corn, soy and other grains. In fact, the cows who do usually need to eat “tums” as well to help their upset stomach. If corn and soy bother a cow’s stomach, it goes without saying it is not good for our stomachs either. These were amazing! I marinated them in Coco Aminos (instead of soy sauce), iodized sea salt, onion powder and garlic powder. Before cooking, I added pepper. The best way to cook steaks (in my opinion) is in a cast iron skillet. It puts a great sear on it and of course, you’re getting some added iron in your diet.

I can’t wait until I can visit the farm and get the “day in a life of a farmer” experience. Once I do, I will write about. Stay tuned for more adventures.

Meanwhile, if you’re ready to take the journey to better health, join my Live Life Better Membership and get started today! What are you waiting for?

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