I’ve Got 9 Secrets

Since 2017 I have been on a health journey like nothing I have ever done or accomplished before. My dad always jokes that between my sister, my mom and myself we have lost and gained 2,000 lbs. over the years. At almost fifty-two years old, I have finally figured out several things about losing weight.

I will share my secrets in a series of blog posts over the next few weeks.

Let’s begin. The weigh in. A whopping 209 lbs. I am only 5’7′ tall. This is not an ideal weight.

Weight is a sign of so many other things and not just a mass appearance. For me, it was emotional eating. Stress eating. I was taught to eat when I am happy and I most likely created a bad habit of eating when I was stressed and sad.

Secret #1

In order to make drastic health changes, I had to get my mind in the right place. I had to change my relationship with food.

We need food. Food doesn’t need us. Nourishing our bodies with only what it needs instead of what we think we want, was a big shift for me. You’re probably like me and grew up in a family where life revolved around food. There was always an excuse for big meals, desserts, holidays and birthdays to celebrate. Food is our entire world, right? It’s what brings us together.

When I am on the road traveling, grabbing a bite to eat with colleagues keeps me company. I attend a lot of conferences and the name of the game is always, dinner and drinks after a long day of meetings, exhibiting and talking with so many people.

I will always be surrounded in these situations, however, I am now in control of what I am putting into my body. Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% perfect everyday. I falter at times, but these days I don’t beat myself up and keep sabotaging my diet just because I screwed up one or two meals while I was on the road, at a gathering or with family. I know how to jump back on the healthy horse and gallop on track, once again.

In fact, sometimes I treat these situations like a science experiment and a game. I am fascinated by what foods make me gain weight, make my hands feel puffy the next day or make my knees ache in the morning. Sounds weird, huh? Once you gain control and make a conscientious effort to know your body, you’ll experience this, too. 

As you begin, when you are choosing food to eat whether at a restaurant, shopping for groceries or at someone else’s dinner table, you’ll want to ask yourself, “Will this nourish my body? Will it give me energy or will it cause me an illness in the future?” I am not saying if you eat a piece of cake today, you’ll end up with cancer. However, cake (aka sugar, processed foods) all of the time, over a period of years wreaks havoc on your health and you will indeed begin to suffer as you age.

I am on a quest to help 1 Million people get healthier. Will you be one of them? How may I help you?

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Stay tuned for Secret #2.

Let’s get you Living the Life You’re Meant to Live!



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