What’s the Benefit of Joining a Secret Facebook Group?


As you live your life, friends and even, family sometimes come and go. The world we live in today is so virtual. I am constantly amazed how very rare it is for people to talk on the phone these days. We have become consumed with texting, Facebook Messenging or Instagram messenging back and forth. What have we done to ourselves? Trust me. I am just as guilty as everyone else.

I created a secret Facebook group for a variety of reasons, but mainly to keep our group special. We want people to join that have a common bond. Our community goal is simple; to live healthy, try new products, share recipes and information with one another and educate ourselves. This is the key to staying healthy instead of trying the latest fad diet or trendy exercising. We are constantly bombarded by negativity. People tend to scoff off your excitement about trying something new and healthy. Even those closest to you may make you feel bad when you tell them what you are doing to change your lifestyle. I say, scoff at them and stick with the group. We are here to help you!

We are here to encourage, motivate and yes, I will educate on whatever I am learning about or whatever I am venturing into in the way of a business. I always want to help people with their health goals. Going back to school is not an option. Well, it is, but I don’t want to. (insert image of me stomping my feet and throwing a tantrum. LOL!)

After being on this earth for fifty-one years and suffering with multiple health issues, I can honestly say, your doctor doesn’t have all the answers. Not only that, they can’t seek other alternatives other than pharmaceutical remedies because of their lack of training and unless they have studied Functional Integrative Medicine like Dr. Mark Hyman, they will not introduce new techniques, alternative strategies, etc. to get you healthy. They will treat the symptoms. Thankfully, more and more doctors are beginning to understand we need more than just to treat the symptoms. We need ways to prevent the illnesses that are plaguing our bodies.

FREE Membership

So Cheers to the group! Membership is free. No purchase is necessary. Let’s share, invite others to join us and lift one another up everyday. Please feel free to post good stuff and share your ideas! Be sure it is a reputable source and if you have a specialty , please send me a message or call me and let’s discuss how you can help the group.

I will do my utmost to provide good content and even a Facebook Live once a week. Please share your success stories with me so I can give you some props during our weekly Facebook Live. I just might have surprises for someone. Ya never know!

Oh! If you hear a dog barking in the background, that’s Blaze. He is our ten year old Boykin Spaniel. Completely spoiled.

Thanks for following along. I love Living the Life I’m Meant to Live! I want you to do the same.

All my best,


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