How do I maintain weight loss?


I lost 55 lbs. It took almost fifty years gaining and losing weight to finally get off the most weight ever and it took a year and a half. Does that sound like a long time? I will tell you, the time flew! One reason it felt like it happened over night was because I was learning something new all of the time; how to shop differently, cook with ingredients I didn’t know existed and making new friends online who were following the same path. There is no doubt going on a weight loss and essentially, a change of lifestyle is much easier if you’re doing with others. I was lucky enough to have my husband follow along and even my kids try some things every now and then. I guess everyone took my proclamation seriously. LOL!

My work travel takes me all over the U.S. and sometimes abroad. I am on an airplane, in rental cars, hotels, Ubers, etc. There is no doubt, the amount of traveling I do is wearing on the body. In order to maintain my weight I prepare. It’s not as hard as you think. Here are some tips:

  • Pack a lunch box with healthy snacks. This will keep you from shopping at the airport stores and grabbing those awful, nutrition-less snacks on the plane.
  • Two things I can’t live without are Whole Earth Stevia-Monk-fruit sweetener and Lily’s Dark Chocolate. These seriously save my life when I want something sweet. The sweetener goes in my coffee and keeps me from ordering those flavored coffees at Starbucks.
  • Bring supplements. I take GundryMD’s Vital Reds to help my energy levels and Lectin Shield to help with digestion.
  • Get some shut eye! It took a while, but jumping into time zones doesn’t seem to affect my sleeping. Yes, I may wake up super early when I am on the west coast, but this gives me time to hit the hotel gym. Even if it is just a 20-30 minute walk on the tread mill, it’s better than nothing.
  • Eating out is tough. I focus on the menu and pick the best of the what they’ve got. Most of the time, it means a Caesar salad with or without chicken.
  • Most importantly, when I arrive back home I jump right back on track eating right. I may take a couple of days and do a modified cleanse, depending on how bad I fell off the wagon. Mind you, I don’t do it a lot because once you start taking care of the body, you will realize how bad you were feeling and you won’t want to go back there!

Struggling with weight loss has been a big part of my life. I am happy to say, now that I understand how the gut is affected by the food we eat and what we drink, losing weight is not such a struggle anymore. I truly wish more people will read the book The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven Grundy and follow it as much as possible. It has been a G-d send to me and my family.

Find Your Circle of Good

There is no better way to have success with weight loss than to surround yourself with like minded people. You may have to ignore some relationships for a while, if those people do not understand or try to sabotage your goals. Don’t let it happen. Please consider this community your circle of good. I am here to lift you up, answer questions, guide you to good resources and be your biggest fan! I have the BEST circle of friends and family. We might not all agree on everything, but we cheer for each other and celebrate successes.

What’s your biggest struggle? How can I help you?

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